Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beers In Spaaaaaaaaaace!

Yeah, yeah, it's really "Beers At The Edge Of Spaaaaaaaaaaace!" but still. Anybody have a spare $75k laying around they want to let me use? I promise I'll never pay it back.

'And should your space-induced euphoria turn to stomach-churning apprehension at the thought of the inevitable free-fall drop and parafoil-guided skid, do know that the World View capsule does have on board something to take the edge off your fear: a well-stocked bar that will fortify you by ensuring that you can "sip the beverage of your choice."'

It's a damn good thing there's gonna be a bar on board, I think I'd need a few in me to be able to handle that landing. I'd still do it if I could though.


  1. Piffle. Once we've drained the bar on the way up, I'll be ready to LAND that motherfucker!


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