Friday, November 8, 2013

Dr. Dudebro's Dudebroing for Fun And Profit.

Just got this e-mail:

At its November meeting, the State Board's Academic Strategies Committee approved OSU's proposal for the Ph.D. in Business Administration degree program. This program will be effective Fall Term 2014.

The program will offer two graduate options: Innovation/Commercialization and Accounting. The primary objective of this degree is to prepare its graduates for careers in research and teaching at research-oriented colleges and universities.

It's bad enough that campus is infested with a bunch of dudebros working on their MBAs, now they will be able to continue their studies even longer.

I wonder what their theses will look like? Hmm...

  • The CTO's Dilemma: A Quantitative Assessment Of Just How Many Wimmens You Must Employ To Not Appear Misogynistic
  • Prophet and profit: A Dynamic Model For Maximizing Revenue In Modern Christianity
  • A Qualitative Review of Effective Elevator Statements of The Early 21st Century

Maybe my vast commentariat can suggest some more. No fair cheating and looking at the actual topics Stanford's Ph.D. program has produced for ideas.


  1. Expense-ing Lunchtime Strip Club Visits, a Practical Guide

    1. I like it, but "practical" and doctorates don't usually go together.

  2. Gimme Some Money: the role of Heavy Metal Bands in fleecing the rubes.


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