Friday, March 9, 2012

Angry Birds In Space!

I may have never been more proud of an OSU alumnus than I am of astronaut Don Pettit:

I mean Linus Pauling never played Angry Birds In Spaaaaaace. Wotta loser.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Creepy At All

This is not a post about the ultra-creepy misogynistic crap the "right" in this country is currently spewing at alarming rates. No, this post is about something nearly as creepy, a new DARPA running robot:

Yeah, not creepy at all.

I'll be so excited to see it after it's completed with a nice armored skin and a bunch of weapons bristling all over. It'll be super great if DARPA can manage to combine it with some of their other research into autonomous vehicles.

I hope there will be a non-lethal version available for your average campus police department and well-to-do homeowner. I envision a small market opportunity for some decorative "Beware Attack Robot" yard signs. Since I won't be able to afford the robot, I may have to get in on the sign making, maybe I can make a few bucks before one of our 1% overlords outsources that to China too.