Friday, January 17, 2014


This is what happens when your wife goes out with her friends and you get to make ridiculous food for yourself:

Frito Pie.

That's Fritos®, a can of chili, Tillamook® cheddar, and pickled jalapeños.

And yes, that's a paper plate.  It just seemed... appropriate,  somehow.

Fucking. Delicious.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hoppy New Year, Belated Edition

Now that this new year is almost a week old and my very relaxing, almost-entirely-away-from -the-internets vacation is over I've discovered I should probably have an even longer break. I'm short on vacation time, have 17 metric shit-tonnes of work to do my "real" job, and a whole bunch of new brewery equipment (Conical! 1+ barrel per batch! Glycol cooling! Digital control! Shiny shiny!) is taking up the rest of my free time. I think I'm gonna just have to let this little mostly-unread corner of the intarwebs languish a bit for a while.

I'll be around, likely occasionally dropping ill-conceived drunken comments at the usual haunts, and continuing to delete idiotic troll comments over at Sadly, No! There will probably be some hideous photoshopped monstrosity that yearns to be created that brings me back sooner than I should be. Otherwise, drop a comment on this post if you have some silliness that won't wait.

Later, taters.