Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ancient Technology Tuesday

I've been a geek since forever, so when I just found this my whole childhood flashed before my eyes. It's the Internet Archive's new collection of vintage software from "back in the day" and it's all useable right in your browser. O.M.F.G.

Yes, there are lots of games, but classic "real" software like WordStar and Visicalc too.

I may never get any work done ever again.

Update: Welcome C&L readers. Please enjoy yourselves and have a look around: beer's in the fridge, we have some nice Oregon Pinot Noir in the cellar and a few bottles of single malt in the cupboard. Help yourselves.


  1. psst. dude. conagrats on the C&L linky courtesy of Tengrain. Expect a traffic spike, and very few comments. Other than me, of course. I continue to inflict myself on the internarfles.

    1. You called it: 647 page views on this post and not a single comment. Looks like maybe a few folks clicked a link or to, but mostly not. Funny.


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