Monday, December 7, 2015

Zappadan catch up

Missed a couple days, so I'll play catch up with a few longish ones.

First up: Black Napkins. I first heard this song as track 10 of the Make A Jazz Noise Here album. This version was recorded live in Philly in '76, and is quite a bit different (nearly thrice as long, for one thing) from that other one. It also has a brief spoken intro where Frank talks about playing the song on TV the night before. I think this is a far superior version, actually. It's got some amazing solo work, especially violin by Eddie Jobson at ~6:30 or so. If you only listen to one of today's, make it this one.

B: the entire Trance Fusion album. It's mostly all guitar stuff.

III -- the whole The Grand Wazoo album, from '72. In this, track 6 (at ~22:00 in) kinda ties back in with that first one, since the first time I heard this song was as track 9 of the Make A Jazz Noise Here album. This time it's the original studio version.

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