Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Zappadan: Another catch up

I was away so missed a few days, here's something I listened to on the plane, Kill Ugly Radio Collection -- three CD promo set, (3 hours worth! Hopefully that makes up for my absence):

Most of stuff in this collection will be very familiar to most/all fans, but there are some snippets of interviews and a couple of somewhat rarer items. One of them I share here, because it's just somehow so... relevant right now:

Now, this being nearly 30 years old, the attentive listener might note that, while close, the lyrics aren't a perfect fit for today, so I offer a slightly tweaked version below. Feel free to cue this one up with my adjusted lyrics for your next karaoke session:

(Y'know, that confinement loaf is real good stuff.  You oughta try some.)

They got lies so big
They don't make a noise
They tell 'em so well
Like a secret disease
That makes you go numb

With a big ol' lie
And a flag and a pie
And a bomb and a bible
Most folks are just liable
To buy any line
Any place, any time

When the lie's so big
As the Republican's base,
(that sinister place
Behind all the Jesus hurrah)

Could result in the end
To a worrisome trend
In which every American
Not born within
Could be punished in cruel and unusual ways
By this treacherous cretin
Who tells everyone
That he's Jesus' best friend

When the lies get so big
And the fog gets so thick
And the facts disappear
The Republican trick
Can be played out again
People, please tell me when
We'll be rid of these men!

Just who do they really
Suppose that they are?
And how do they manage to travel as far
As they seem to have come?
Were we really that dumb?

People, wake up
Figure it out
Racist fanatics
Around and about
The court house, the state house,
The congress, the white house

Criminal cranks
With a dastardly mission --
A nation enraptured
By pure superstition

(Do you believe in the INVISIBLE ARMY?)

When the lie's so big
And the fog so thick
And the facts get forgotten
The Republican trick
(Ketchup is a vegetable)
Can be played out again
People, please tell me when
We'll be rid of these men!

Bonus points if you can figure out what (few) words I changed without resorting to the original's lyrics sheet (hint: it's not hard).

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