Thursday, October 16, 2014


Since I'm the world's laziest blogger, I'm just gonna take this comment I left over at Helmut's place and repurpose it here slightly edited.

[Ebola] is a nasty disease, but at this point it's just being used as a tool for panic. Hey, it keeps the rubes scared, so it's useful until the next shiny thing comes along. The CDC and the Texas hospital did some stupid shit, otherwise it would have been over as soon as it started.

Meanwhile, how many people have died of the regular ol' flu this year?1 How many got vaccinated? How many have been gunned down?2 Oh, no sorry, we don't talk about those things.

People are very, very bad at evaluating risk. Like, horrifically, comically bad.

The only thing I'd like to ever hear about ebola again is a report about who exactly is paying for all this expensive care. I can't imagine these poor folks getting flown around on special private ebola-jets are getting it for free, that'd just be unAmerican. We couldn't have that. I hope their surviving relatives are being billed [/snark].

Stay scared, America.

1 More than 20 thousand people die every year in the US from the flu (get vaccinated, dumbasses).

2 Approximately 32 thousand gun deaths a year. But let's not talk about that, because we may start wondering why there are so many fucking guns in this country. Oh look, a sportsball game is on!


  1. Oh look, a sportsball game is on!

    I can't believe that any Republicans still follow sportsball games. After all, they won't let you carry your gun ior your second amendment rights past the gate to the stadium.. Fascists!!!

    1. I can't believe that any Republicans still follow sportsball games.

      They watch at home while lovingly-fondling their AR15. The second amendment text is laser-etched on to the magazine, obvs.

    2. well, not ALL of the Second Amendment...

    3. True. It's amazing how flexible they find the constitution when it suits them.

  2. The United States of Pee-pants.

    It is really gob-smacking that the wing nuts claim to be the manly-men big tough guys, but they are the ones who are always pushing the FEAR FEAR FEAR button for everything.

    And EVERY GODDAM THING is an existential threat. ISIS, ISIL, Ebola, Benghazi, golfing, Michelle Obama- every one of them will Destroy America.

    Except for, of course, ACTUAL existential threats like Climate Change or environmental degradation or tracking or corporate malfeasance...

    1. Hangnails: America's greatest enemy. Who will save us? Won't someone think of the children!?


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