Monday, October 13, 2014


Is it simply coincidence that two of the worst days evar, Indigenous People Genocide Day and Monday The Thirteenth happen to occur on the same day? Hmm? HMMMMM!?!


Wake up, sheeple.

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Evidently the previous stupid pun post got over 500 page views on Saturday alone, making it one of the most popular single pages on my site, ever. But there are no comments. At. All.

Who the fuck linked to me? There's no sign of it in the stats page. Must've been...


  1. I'm getting stuff like that too. About 300 views at 0700 today. I think I'm puzzled. Perhaps Tsoukolos is right, in which case I have to find out what power converter I need for teh dumbass CPAP.

  2. Replies
    1. I only even looked 'cause a certain bigtime-bald-blogging-bastard got me curious as to exactly how inadequate my vast readership really is. I clearly need to do more terrible animations and bad photoshops.

    2. Teh Bastard is quite prolific and consistently thunkable. He earned the platform and 17,000 hits per day from Viagrenlarger. I am but a dilettante.

      But I try to have some fun when I can.

    3. hmpf. I think FYWP counts hits differently from page views, but Zomblog iteration 8 or 10 or something is up to 64,000 page views. Does not, of course, count the prior lurching shambling rotting corpses.

    4. Also, the Big, while being a fan of Robyn Hitchcock and Black 47, also exhibits his basic inability to think right by the fact he has no record of seeing Jon Langford or the Mekons on their many visits to his vicinity --EVEN HIS TREASURED BELL HOUSE...

  3. I would go on to your last post strictly for it's zen qualities and to meditate. I'm guessing that's what everyone else did. And really, a peasful post brooks no replies.

  4. I am on a Webex watching some CAD jockeys demonstrate PTC Creo, and I can't stop trying to use MY mouse to control HIS desktop.

    It's very weird.

    1. My favorite is when the person running the webex is completely useless at running their computer and you just want to grab control and do it for them. As if the meeting wasn't useless enough to begin with. Good times.


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