Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today In "Duh!"

So it turns out if you try to shrink government small enough to drown in a tub, there are eventually some consequences.

What!? This came as a huge surprise to me too. Nobody could've predicted, etc.

Thankfully, the brilliant "job creators" that are so busy creating jobs in other countries to make cheap crap to sell to rubes here will be able to sail their yachts off to the Cayman Islands and live out their lives in peace while we fight for scraps.

I mean that's obviously what's really important after all.


  1. if no one here is making a living wage, and the workers in other countries are making less, just WHO, exactly, is going to be buying that cheap crap?

    I guess the MOTUs don't care, since they have already made 7 times as much money as they can ever spend, who cares if ALL the businesses auger into the ground?

    1. Exactly, that's why they'll be bugging out on their yachts for the Caymans. "Welp, looks like we can't keep selling plastic shit to everybody now that they're killing each other in the streets. Kill the servants and fire up the yacht, we're outta here!"

    2. Guys, guys, don't worry! VISA, it's what's for dinner.

      Seriously, these bastards also long for the return of the company town/store/flats, they are efficient ways to in effect eliminate wages entirely.

      Kill the servants and fire up the yacht, we're outta here!"
      Is this the new meme, 'cuz I was just getting used to the damnable bassoons.

    3. "Kill the bassoons and fire up the servants" just doesn't have the same ring, y'know?


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