Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday The Thirteenth

This day should be the day we all fear, not the traditionally scary Friday.

Here, have a scary spider:

May viewing this blahg be the worst thing that happens to you today.


  1. Well, it was as bad as usual, and i did some design work and got a Zombie-Box in the mail, so that went pretty well until a former friend reminded me of how stupid I am (and passive-aggressive as well) so then things went kind of downhill.

    So I need to get the fuck off the internoodles. One way or the other. That'll be better.

    1. Breaking free of the internoodles is never a bad plan.

      And what is it with "friends" that call people stupid? I mean FFS! Argue the merits, don't just fall back to the schoolyard "oh, yeah? says you! and yoar stoopit!" bullshit. Ridiculous.

    2. And what's the deal Mr. Zombie? There's a post at The Empire showing up right over there --> in my RSS feed, but at The Empire THERE IS NOT A NEW POST! FALSE ADVERTISING! FALSE HOPE! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

    3. Wait, it gets weirder the "Get to Know Me" post listed under vacuumslayer's LGM feed is also not really there! OMG, like wait man, like, what if like Zombie and vacuumslayer/drnoisewater/bspen are all the same person!

      WOAH! My mind is blown!

  2. There's a post at The Empire showing up right over there --> i

    I love fucking with Blooger's feed widget.

  3. I keep clicking here and hoping you've moved on to a less disturbing image...

    Hey OBS! The all grain brewing is so much fun. I've made an (almost) single hop IPA (Chinook for bittering and at end of boil and at dry hop but I threw in some Mosaic for dry hop as well.) I'm very impressed with the results. Too bad all the beer was gone within 5 weeks of bottling. I probably didn't even get the best taste but who cares right.
    I've also got a pale ale dry hopping now that will be bottled Memorial Day weekend. That one included some pale malt, toasted pale malt along with a few other varieties (melanoiden, crystal60L, maybe one other)plus about 1/2 pound wheat flakes. The hops on the pale ale were Simcoe/Amarillo equal amounts all the way through.
    Brewing is a wonderful hobby. I made two extract batches and wasn't satisfied with the results. Glad I abandoned that early. Really all I want now is to be better set up for temperature control. I've been lucky to find places with optimal fermentation temps these first few times (closets, swamp coolers, etc) but a temp controlled chest freezer would be ideal.
    Anyhow, I'm hooked. Junior knows how to work the bottling wand (almost) at age 3 and I've got the wife on board (mostly, she doesn't really like the smell of the mash but fuckit) so it looks like I've got a lot of brewing in front of me. Cheers!

    1. Congrats on getting hooked on the all grain brewing bug! One of these days I'll post something interesting, but until then, the cute spider shall remain.


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