Friday, March 22, 2013


Know how I can tell it's spring? 'Cause all of a sudden it's fucking cold out and there's more snow in the foothills than there has been since December. And it might actually snow here tonight too.

Just in time for me to take a week off for spring break. If only I were actually going someplace warm instead of just planning on being lazy for a week.

But hey, at least I get the bonus of allergy season starting up too. Yay.


  1. I hear ya. Just snowed here. March is such a psychotic month.

  2. I just got caught in a hailstorm on my bike. delightful.

    1. Holy crap.

      OTOH, you probably looked all hardcore and studly. Or at least crazy.

  3. It snowed in D.C. last night. I think. Or else I hallucinated a light's all gone now.

  4. Doesn't matter. Spring turns everything muddy. Then summer comes and it's too hot. Then winter again.

    It never ends, it never gets better.

  5. It's 70 and sunny here, expected high of 75. Will drop into the 50s tonight, no precipitation expected.

  6. oh i like the foto , it's even lovelier than the one blackdog' had at the top of ..on the road , like you are ponding ag. , more dawn and dusks for you , said .. wane of moon ,

  7. and .. if ..right ,on the light dusting of his mind

  8. dearest oreg., here's what i mentioned ,of .., with the pond back below - at blackdog' 's "j ust starting to look back a little , i've been away, of in , but away (like jacobb/io z/ but a girl ), more focused on putting together a bk that others have been wanting , asking for .. of seeing something more of .. for years now ,many ,of drawing diaries , and dancing films from stills , and of my , recorded only a little , voice in song , i've always said to them ..i will when i'm ready ,of voicing , and i will when i see that the need for overwhelming ..,/ i have shown in little bits over the years , /this is an off line ..and will continue to be , but i have agreed to a showing in the fall of this year , here , still , of still ,but moving , of dance , drawings and a few words ,of voicing /i left a comment over with who ever grey hoos is , because he reminds me of something that has always been missing of in my relation ..not in ship with my father , the now retired painting , arch itect'ural drafts man , he reminds me with what i have looked at only in shorter ..will be longer looking .. of what he has gathered of liking i assume .. of some joy of built .. that arouses my mind in the way that bjork suggested at with her first out put /said the eau falling now \ fleabus in the lobby" on the what policy post there ,


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