Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fire Up Again

A certain zombie insisted in comments on my earlier masterpiece of photoshoopery that it was deficient because the bassoon's mouthpiece was being used as a trigger and not being blown into as it should.


But see, then the "fire" coming out doesn't really fit (unless our soldier has really bad breath). So then I had to take that out too:

I guess that works. Not sure I like these better than the first one, but it'll be easier to animate if I ever get around to that.

UPDATE: As suggested by "Schroeder" in comments:

(needed two versions for use on various backgrounds)


  1. Ok, now you just need musical notes coming out the back end where you had the smoke before.

  2. Obviously his uniform needs a camo pattern of acorns...

  3. that orange glow was supposed to be fire? I thought it was artsy-fartsiness.

  4. Wow, you're cranky. I recall that I added the wisp of smoke with MUCH less grumping. Even if it now looks like a 5 foot tall bong, rather than a bassoon.

    1. I'm not cranky. And looking like a bong is a feature, not a bug, man.


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