Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grand Cru

If you haven't had Rodenbach Grand Cru and you like sour things, you simply must go find this beer immediately.  If you can get ahold of the harder-to-find and more expensive "2007 Vintage" version, even better.

Damn this is one amazing brew. Yum!


  1. Replies
    1. Then you might like this, it's not bitter at all. It's big and malty with a sour finish. If you don't like sour stuff though, you'd hate this. It's a Flanders style ale which is really quite different than beer we typically get in the states.

  2. apparently these "sours" are all the rage. guess I know what I'll be picking up next time I'm at Binny's!

    1. It is interesting to see people warm up to some of these sour styles. They're actually typically pretty old and traditional beers, we just haven't had access to them in the US. Many of the best ones tend to pair really well with food, and can actually be a good introduction for wine people into beer culture.


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