Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Riddance

As I'm sure you've already heard, pope Ratz, chief enabler and coverup artist in the child-rapist cult that is the catholic church, is resigning. I'm sure he'll be succeeded by an equally horrible individual, but at least we can always fondly remember Ratz as The Sexy Soup Nazi.

Note also, in that linked LGM post this comment. It doesn't matter how many kids get raped how many indigenous cultures get destroyed, how many women are forced into lives of oppression and poverty -- there will always be a deluded mass to continue to believe in the infallibility of their magic sky cult.


It turns out that covering up child rape isn't enough, when you get caught and have to payoff the victims, the classiest way to do it is to desecrate the dead just for good measure (found via Booman). Stay classy, catholics!


  1. This is where the all-purpose thndr comment goes:

    "Meet the new bass, same as the old boss"

  2. I did Nazi this coming.

    I hope it doesn't create a fuehrer!

    1. Ratz is really retiring to write his memoir -- it'll be printed entirely in Heilvetica.


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