Friday, February 10, 2017

Shitgibbon Friday

This delightful term has been everywhere during the recent troubles, but gained additional prominence when a Pennsylvania state senator tweeted it this week. This article, which includes the tweet is definitely worth a read in general, but an especially interesting thing to me is the first comment, claiming credit for the term:

Hi, I wrote the Veep line [Ed: he's talking about the show, discussed in the article]. It was originally “spunk-faced shitgibbon”, a phrase I used in a 1988 column in New Musical Express and have put in most of my writing since. PS I’m not Scottish and have nothing to do with bootlegging. all the best David Quantick

[Harvey]Now we know .............. the rest of the story[/Harvey]

Oh yeah, here's a picture of one in the wild, for reference/future use:

(Click to enlarge. Source photo: Kaeng Krachan -- Wikimedia commons)

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