Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guns 'n' Ammo

I watched some of Maddow's one-on-one with HRC last night. Among a generally-quite-good exchange about guns, this bit jumped out at me at the time:

I am determined we're going to save lives and we're going to do it by taking on the gun lobby and getting common sense gun safety measures. But we're also going to do it by addressing the gun violence culture. Too many young in particular are turning to guns to settle disputes, grievances, resentments. We have got to help our young people understand guns are never an answer and there have to be other ways. And that's going to take all of us working in our schools, working through our churches and our houses of worship.

'Cept when they're the answer to every single international conflict, ever, right?

Mrs. Clinton's slightly-more-hawkish-than-Obama tendencies are one of the only things that bothers me about her being president. We're already way too deep in the world's shit, I'd rather not we keep jumping in new shitpiles every chance we get. I wish Bernie were as good at pulling her left on that as he seemingly has been on the economy.


  1. speaking of pew pew pew:


    1. Just before punching Storms, Braxton asked, "What are you going to do, shoot me?" according to the court records.

      The gunman then opened fire, blasting Braxton once in the chest and again in the right arm.

      Yes, the best course of action when facing a gun nut pointing his gun at you is to taunt him. Brilliant plan, dead guy.


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