Monday, February 15, 2016

I Saw A Debate T'other Night, Oh Boy*

As a service, I provide a concise summary:

* No, I actually didn't.

Also, too: Go see Deadpool. It's juvenile and raunchy and everything a traditional superhero movie isn't.


  1. Deadpool? Isn't that a Rob Liefeld title? Did the movie feature a lot of pouches?

    1. Yes Deadpool is a creation of that horrible hack Liefeld (I knew where that first link before I clicked -- it's a classic takedown).

      It's amazing the character survived his horribly-rendered beginnings in New Mutants #98 (seriously, click the link. It's fucking awful).

      What's great about Deadpool though is what the new, much, much better writers/illustrators have done with him. They also make fun of Liefeld all the time. In one issue there's a flashback from the present and they show some old Liefeld artwork -- Deadpool says "Where are my feet!"

      And yes, the movie references/makes fun of the pouches too.

      Seriously, it's a great movie -- I'm not one to go spend money at theaters in general, but I'm actually considering going a second time. It's that fun.


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