Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arrooo! Breaking! Arrooo!

Donald Trump now guaranteed Republican nomination:

Bill "Always Wrong" Kristol seals our fate

In the video (no, I'm not gonna link it, it's at MSNBC) his statement elicited hearty laughter from the hosts. They know what's up. What nobody knows is why anybody still talks to ol' Always Wrong Willie.


  1. well, thank god that it's not a Clinton-Bush cage match. Also, thank god because after watching Hillary dissect Trey Gowdy's kangaroo court, can you imagine how she will dissect the Trumpeter in an actual debate? Not that anyone will care, of course, but let's talk about how Donald Trump. Republican Presidential Candidate, will depress the rightwing voting turnout....

  2. Also, how funny too see "the Smart Bush" turn out to be the dumb one?

    1. I knew it was gonna be weird when they signed up eleventeen-hundred goats to be in the rodeo, but I could never have imagined it would be this weird. I should buy popcorn-company stock.

  3. The Reverse Cassandra... always wrong, but still invited to prognosticate.


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