Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mainly Manly



  1. Replies
    1. My vast and loyal readership is just lucky that I didn't make the whole thing blink on and off erratically too.

    2. I appreciate the classic of the genre, with the killer weasels. Did you include the angry turtles?

    3. Yep, they're in there. Also, too: gorillas, spider monkeys, a cheetah, a puma, "lizards from hell," a warthog, an octopus, a lion, a tiger, a bear (oh my!), spiders, "man eating rats," a couple different kinds of snakes, a sawfish, an elephant, giant crabs, vampire bats, and of course the "furred furies of hell" (bobcats?) and the ubiquitous flesh-ripping weasels.

      And of course there are nazi she-devils and evil injuns and other various and sundry human types as well, which I shan't bother to list.

  2. The Spaceman glimpse is just teasing us.

  3. All this manliness is giving me a testosterone overload.


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