Monday, February 16, 2015


So, uh, there was a scandal. So sad, we're all terribly devastated here. It's awful, really. Rending of garments, wailing in the streets, dumping out of craft beer pints, ritual flannel sacrifice, etc.

Oh, wait, no it's not. Yeah, so, other than the Oregonian, and Willamette Week newspapers, pretty much nobody I know gives a shit. Everybody I've talked to about this has the following reaction: "Oh, what? Really? Huh. Who's the new guvna?"

The woman pictured here, that's who, and that's where it gets good. Because of Kitzy's stupidity, we actually get a real, honest-to-FSM liberal female, Kate Brown, as Governor. And get this: She's also bisexual. First openly LGBT guvna in the whole damn USA. Woo! Yay Oregon!

So, if that's the outcome of this scandal, I think we need more scandal around here. Sorry Kitz, you were a good guy, that (mostly) did good work, but you went and fucked up. Hope for your sake you don't go to prison, but that's about it.

The Governor is dead, long live The Governor!


  1. Good on ya.

    I'd like to see Tammy Baldwin go for it in wisconsin, myself...

    1. Yeah, that would be cool. But basically anybody but Imperial Walker would be cool.

    2. Yeah, but that gives a bad name to turds and waffles.

    3. I find the imagery -shitting all over something sweet and tasty- to be perfectly appropriate.....

    4. Can we call him Turdpancake? I like waffles better than pancakes.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised when my parents, although being blue collar were also part of that previous generation that was also reflexively racist and generally bigoted, revealed that they had voted for Baldwin in the state races. Even old dogs can learn new tricks....


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