Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Opinions differ

There is dissension in the blogroll!

I'm with Drifty -- vote, then bitch later -- but I understand the "whatever, fuck it" mentality that pervades these mid-term shenanigans. We have some interesting shit going on in Beerville (legal marijuana, fuck yeah!) and some really nasty house races. Oh yeah, and piss-lover Art Robinson, always good for a laugh.

It's all a bit anticlimactic here since we vote by mail. "Election day" is a bit meaningless, other than it being the last day you can get your ballot in and the day the counting finishes up. But with luck, hopefully today we'll all get to listen to this in celebration after it's all counted up:

We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. I've been a vote-by-mail voter since 2009 (odd-yr. municipal elections mean real devotion to democracy) but (as I have each yr.) I'm just now about to sit down, fill it out & then walk it to the precinct. One of these yrs. Ima find those stamps before the big day.

    There are some props. to vote against, but otherwise all the centrist pseudo-liberals will beat the droolers in my districts whether or not I vote.

    Now where the hell'd I pile all that election crap?

    1. I always drop mine at the ballot place to make it feel more like election day. Although this year I did drop it off a few days ago since I'd already filled out the ballot. The Kochsuckers threw a bunch of money at a couple Oregon races, so it was especially pleasant to vote against their candidates, too. Otherwise, pot's really the only interesting thing this year.


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