Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The Zombie, in a comment on the previous post mentioned a country singer coming to the Vancouver Folk Festival. While country isn't really one of my favorite things, I got to thinking about the "country" stuff I do like, and that had me looking through my music collection and stumbling on Eric Taylor (I may get a chance to see him soon). I'm not really sure if he's folk, or country, or singer/songwriter or maybe even more of a writer that happens to play what he writes. Anyway, I do like some stuff that might classify as some kind of "country" -- but absolutely nothing they play on the radio.

Here are a few songs, the first is a studio recording:

This second one is a live session from 2001 doing a Townes Van Zandt song -- the bearded guy is Steve Earle, the guy playing slide is another favorite of mine, Kelly Joe Phelps:

These next two are more recent, and have him doing a long but interesting intro to his "Hollywood Pocketknife" song that details how he wrote it. The "song" itself doesn't really start until about five minutes into the second video if you want to skip it:

And finally one last live song, recorded last fall and showing that he has a more upbeat side as well:

Someday I may actually get around to writing something rather than just posting a bunch of filler. Maybe.

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