Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fuck the NRA

And the creatures in congress that they own. Fuck them right in the ear, with the biggest example of one of the fucking guns they worship.

What a horrible, fucked up, shitty week.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I figure it'll get worse. I was gonna add "before it gets better" but who the fuck am I kidding?

      And watch out, Glenn Greenwald is gonna drop by your blog and berate you for not properly focusing on the important shit and commemorating all the musicians that teh evil usurper has killed with drones.

    2. Then I will send him over here to scold you for posting Kewt Puppeh gifs while Gitmo is still open.

      In any case, I believe I could reach common ground with Glennzilla on the idea that the loss of a single musician or artist impoverishes the world further.

      With the caveat that Ted Nugent does not qualify as a musician.

    3. If you can reach teh mountaintop upon which he perches, strumming a lute, letting his Greenwaldien wisdom flow to the masses below, that is.

      And atchally, I'd take him for a Middle-Period Paul Shaffer type of guy.

  2. The universe is a bastard - that whole 'there's hope for humanity' kick I was on earlier? Fuck it, we're the suxxors, good riddance. I'll be here with mah kittehs.

  3. Sign me up for the first rocket to Mars.

  4. It's such a long wait to get all of them to shoot each other.


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