Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gray and Green

No, this post is not about the excellent news that a certain person won't be in Oregon anymore.

This is what dreary looks like -- this picture was taken a little after noon. It's been like this since last Friday's "sunrise" post, with only occasional breaks of sun peeking through for a couple minutes. The temperature has ranged from about 24 to 35 degrees (F).

At least it's not raining.


  1. It's not dreariness is it makes the green REALLY GREEN. So goes my theory.

    1. Yeah, the green helps, but man, the gray just gets to me.

      That pic was from a bike path at the edge of town, here in the middle of town there's nothing but light gray sky and ugly buildings right this second.

      Oh, and freezing fog. Woo.

  2. We've had fog every day for most of a week now. It's pretty nice, but I imagine old folks up the valley are having a hard time breathing.

    1. We've had air quality advisories for more than a week. S'posed to finally start raining today and clear this shit out. But perhaps freeze the rain before it does. Fun.

      I really need to post something other than weather-related nothingness.


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