Thursday, January 12, 2012

Didn't make the cut

I haz a sad that my blog didn't make the list of intertron sites that the DHS monitors to "gauge the mood of the online populace."  Maybe this will help:

Mood of the populace:  Pissed off.

I'm also really curious how you get to be on the team that monitors those sites.  Job posting:  "wanted, people willing to trollbrowse blogs all day.  Horrible spelling is a must."

And are Facebook (and Myspace?  Really?) on that list just so that any fed when caught updating their profile at work can just say "This? Oh, this is just a little project I'm working on for DHS."

And the fact that they "monitor" Youtube actually makes me hope all they're doing is watching funny animal videos all day, because if they actually read any of the comment threads over there they're going to get a very, uh, interesting view of the world... Hmm, that could explain some things now that I think about it. Crap...

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