Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I dedicate this video:

To my new Merrell Trail Glove shoes.

I've never had issues with smelly feet before, but dear FSM these shoes make my feet stink. It's fucking awful.

Great shoes other than that though, if you're into this whole minimalist shoe thing that's all the rage.


  1. I saw this once:,_a_Comic_Opera


  2. Thanks Smut! Will watching it cure my stinky feet?

  3. I'm ready to burn the boots I wore on Sunday, while dealing with Irene. I have them in the trunk of my car, and the whole car stinks.

  4. I thought you were going to link to those shoes-with-toes that are all the hipster rage these days. I suppose it's more-or-less the same thing except without the stupid toes.

    You kids get offa my damn lawn! *shakes cane*

  5. Ah yes, the "vibram five fingers" aka "monkey feet". These are the same idea, but much less ridiculous looking.

    And now imma come stomp on your old man lawn with my stinky shoes!


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