Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where's the birth certificate?

The birthers are back! While I'm not a real fan of our "compromise at any cost" weak-ass president, he's marginally better than the other options, and the birther thing is just fucking stupid!

So, as an answer to all those birther fuckwits (yes, I'm talking about you, Trump) especially those with the "Where's the birth certificate" bumper stickers, I created some convenient business cards you can print and do with as you see fit.

There are civil and uncivil versions, and also letter-sized sheets of each for convenient printing.

Will it do any good? Of course not, but WTF.


  1. and the birther thing is just fucking stupid!

    Not just fucking stupid- stupid and racist!

  2. stupid and racist!

    Yes. I was sure to make that quite clear in the uncivil version.


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