Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something Different

Zero fucks given.

I like it, I really need to build something like this. I'd probably use an old Z-car instead though, always liked those.


  1. I remember those!

    Got stopped by the police one night on the way to Florida (I was in the back seat).

    I think we were doing a 100 or so.

    1. I wish the video would've shown a bit more of the mechanics of the car. I think if I were to do something like this I'd leave the outside and interior all ratted out (except for good race seat) but have the mechanicals and electronics be perfect. Not shiny or chrome or fancy or anything, just perfectly functioning.

    2. Shorter me: I would give slightly more than zero fucks.

    3. sounds disturblingly more than half-ass. Pinko would be alarmed.

    4. Well, the reality is that I'll never actually do anything even close to this and leave my existing race car kinda half finished but functional instead. So totally half-assed.


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