Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here, have an uplifting and delightfully cheerful song for St. Valentine's day:

Oh, wait, did I say "cheerful"? I meant "saddest fucking song ever" -- it's easy to get those mixed up.

Happy Valentine's day.


  1. I posteded a St Val's song at my joint, too. I can't tell whether it's cheerful or not. It has peppy music though.

    1. I was initially confuzzled because the video on your current post is a Wonka snippet and no song. Then I found the vampires hiding in the comments -- sparkly!

    2. And then I realized there was another video. My flabber is gasted that you posted a video by The Mekons. Very out of character. Good song though.

    3. I wasn't thinking they did a Valentines song. Although the album it is from is "I <3 Mekons", so all the songs are ostensibly about love.

      Later, they did a techno-infused album called "Me" that was all about sex and self-absorption.

      They're a bunch of loonies, now that I think about it.


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