Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sorry I forgot the anniversary, Helen.

I forgot that the 35th anniversary of this was yesterday:

I was 10. As a native Oregonian, I had direct, but minor, experience with the volcano leading up to its final huge eruption. It had spewed ash sporadically over the previous year or so, and on several occasions we got to experience the ash fall down in Oregon due to wind changes. Thankfully, for us, the wind blew the ash cloud to the east on the 18th, so we didn't get the after effects that places like Spokane, Washington did. Those guys, as well as many areas near to the mountain, were seriously fucked. Multiple feet of ash blanketed everything, and that shit is nasty. Destroyed vehicles, ruined crops, just generally fucked with the area for a long, long time.

For years later, every time we'd head north we could see these towering piles of ash alongside Interstate 5 and around the towns near the mountain until vegetation finally grew on them. The ash is still there though, just under a layer of grass/shrubs/trees. I still have a jar of it somewhere that I collected from a roadside that summer.

Oh, and 57 people died. A couple of idiot locals that refused to leave, but also scientists studying the mountain, unfortunately.

Can't believe it's been 35 years already. I feel old.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blues Boy

Help The Poor: (original)

Help The Poor: (later instrumental version)

Guitar purists will complain that he probably couldn't play a chord to save his life -- whatever. Dude was still a legend. R.I.P.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day

Here, as a gift, have a puppy that doesn't understand hiccups (or hiccoughs if you're grammatically so inclined):

You're welcome.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thirsty Thursday

Light (hah! as if there's any other kind) posting due to things and business and such as. Normal sparse posting will recommence as soon as this beer goes flat:

Also, too: The beer pictured, Ballast Point's "Sculpin" IPA, is actually quite good. Not good enough to live up to its hype, but I don't know that anything could. Tasty though.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For the record

(alternate post title "Truthful Tuesday")

I, your humble host have never:

  • Been in the Army
  • Been in the Navy
  • Been in the Air Force
  • Been in the Marines
  • Been in the Special Forces
  • Been in combat in any capacity whatsoever
  • Thought it would be neat to lie and brag about any of the above
  • Considered the possibilities of career enhancement by lying about any of the above
  • Tried to impress members of the opposite sex by lying about any of the above
  • Lied about any of the above in any way

Y'know, just in case the powers that be need a replacement for Lyin' Williams, or Bill O'Lieree, or that putz in charge of the VA, or any of the other rich serial "misrememberers" out there -- call me.

Monday, February 16, 2015


So, uh, there was a scandal. So sad, we're all terribly devastated here. It's awful, really. Rending of garments, wailing in the streets, dumping out of craft beer pints, ritual flannel sacrifice, etc.

Oh, wait, no it's not. Yeah, so, other than the Oregonian, and Willamette Week newspapers, pretty much nobody I know gives a shit. Everybody I've talked to about this has the following reaction: "Oh, what? Really? Huh. Who's the new guvna?"

The woman pictured here, that's who, and that's where it gets good. Because of Kitzy's stupidity, we actually get a real, honest-to-FSM liberal female, Kate Brown, as Governor. And get this: She's also bisexual. First openly LGBT guvna in the whole damn USA. Woo! Yay Oregon!

So, if that's the outcome of this scandal, I think we need more scandal around here. Sorry Kitz, you were a good guy, that (mostly) did good work, but you went and fucked up. Hope for your sake you don't go to prison, but that's about it.

The Governor is dead, long live The Governor!