Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

I get the weirdest spam:

(click to embiggle)

Notice there in the blue print that I have been selected to receive this amazing message because I have been "identified as an Expert in [my] area of activity." I'm so honored.

Also, too: I'm kinda curious to hear more about this Bizarro "Sollar System" they talk about, but not curious enough to expose my inbox to more weirdness than it already gets pounded with [heyo!].

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friendly Reminder Friday

Reason number twelve thousand one hundred and ninety three not to drink shitty beer: shitty marketing.

Also: No, putting a line wedge in it to hide the skunk stench is not clever either, just buy decent beer in the first place.

Also, too: fuck your shitty "country" music. Fuck it right in the ear.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Belated Independence Day Filler

Things are crazy and looking to be that way for a while. Here, have a comic from Wondermark (alternately, how I honor independence by being dependent on others for content):

Woo, filler. Yay.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Throwback Tuesday

Evidently all the things that were cool and hip and swingin' long ago in 2003 are back "in" again! Yay. Here, have an album released that year:

Here are a couple other things from that year. Nina Simone died:

So did Noel Redding:

So did Warren Zevon and Johnny Cash, and more.

And the Challenger Shuttle blew up on reentry.

And there was some war or something and a bunch of people in some country across the ocean might have died or been horribly maimed, but they don't count so whatevs.

Now I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the reanimated corpse of Robert Novak show up on my TV to out a CIA agent. Man, those were the days!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Filler: Movie Plots

Bruce Schneier just concluded his seventh movie plot threat contest. Here's the start of the winner's plot:

The NSA, GCHQ et al actually don't have the ability to conduct the mass surveillance that we now believe they do. Edward Snowden was in fact groomed, without his knowledge, to become a whistleblower, and the leaked documents were elaborately falsified by the NSA and GCHQ.


This latest contest revolved around surveillance (Schneier is working with Snowden and St. Glenneth of Greenwald. Thankfully, Schneier does actually know what he's talking about and lacks the oh so delightful tendency to lie unabashedly). This latest one's OK, but not quite as funny as the second one from way back in 2007, which focused on the TSA. A simpler time:


"Maybe," said Wilkes, not ready to write it off as just a screener's error. The NTSB guys were always quick to find a bad decision, one human error, and explain the whole thing away. But Wilkes' job was to find the flaws in the systems, the procedures, the way to come up with prophylactic precautions. Maybe there was nothing more than a screener who didn't spot a grenade or a stick of dynamite, something so obvious that there was nothing to do but chalk up a hundred and eighty three dead lives to one madman and one very bad TSA employee.

But maybe not. That's when Wilkes spotted the first two of the butterflies. Bright yellow against the charred black of the burned wreckage, they seemed like the most incongruous things -- and as he thought this, another appeared.


Anyway, just some Friday Filler I guess. hadn't read his blog in a while, and didn't know if any of my vast, vast readership had seen it. So check it out, or not, whatever.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


To another useless Republican, Eric Cantor, for losing his primary fight against a Tea Party challenger. Your useless brand of craven indifference will be missed for all 30 seconds it takes for the next uselessly indifferent shitheel to take your spot.