Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Throwback Tuesday

Evidently all the things that were cool and hip and swingin' long ago in 2003 are back "in" again! Yay. Here, have an album released that year:

Here are a couple other things from that year. Nina Simone died:

So did Noel Redding:

So did Warren Zevon and Johnny Cash, and more.

And the Challenger Shuttle blew up on reentry.

And there was some war or something and a bunch of people in some country across the ocean might have died or been horribly maimed, but they don't count so whatevs.

Now I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the reanimated corpse of Robert Novak show up on my TV to out a CIA agent. Man, those were the days!


  1. considering that this is much of people who shouldn't be so much dead, maybe this is "ThrowUP Tuesday"?

    Anyway, expect a review of the Nick Cave show after Friday.

    Also, local power-poppers Sugar Stems are making their way to the West Coast; check em out, if you get the chance. Saw them open for Shoes and they are a great young band.


    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eye out for them, and for your Nick Cave review. Have fun at the show!


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