Thursday, May 22, 2014


Alternate post title: Technology Thursday. Anyway, this is pretty neat:

Pretty cool that they've figured out how to "demonstrably program" the robot on how to catch stuff, and then once that's done, it'll do the calculations "on the fly" by itself.

And if robots aren't your thing, have some music instead. Here's what I'm listening to right now:

First track is pretty mellow. Second track is a pretty good remake of a song you'll recognize.


  1. Damn, is it Thurs. already?

    Read something about robots a few yrs. ago; thing that stuck was that a robot arm just didn't realize what a one yr. old (human) would, that if you let something go, gravity takes over.

    1. It's cool to me that we've taken a bunch of years of evolution to develop this amazing, twisted, ape brain of ours, and we turn around and make digital shit do the same thing. I can only imagine it'll backfire badly eventually, but for now it's just neat.


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